platinum retro table

Retro Tech - A blast from the past

Pete Jones left college and entered the working world in the early 80's at a small back street arcade workshop. Gallaxian was the buzz word then and most arcade machines originated from this generic motherboard. His experience soon expanded to working on the production of early home computers: sinclair, commodore, Atari etc. The late eighties found him working in Australia with pinball machines. The construction quality of these pinball machines was to prove a major influence on the design philosophy of the Retro-tech table.

Returning to the UK in the 90's coincided with mass popularity of Atari and Amiga home computers - Pete again found himself involved in this step in the evolution of arcade gaming - this time working at one of the countries top maintenance centres until technology turned over a new leaf with the coming of the PC age.

Based in London, all of Retro-Tech's tables are manufactured 1/2 hour away from Pete's home town in South Wales and assembled in central London.

Pete's passion for iconic arcade design is evident in all of retro-techs distinctive tables. The commitment to detailed, quality crafting is reminiscent of original pinball machines; every table is the culmination of over twenty years of tried and tested arcade gaming, delivering you an authentic, off beat entertainment experience since 1999.