Millenium Table

Authentic Classic Games

Just Imagine a gorgeous hi tech, hand crafted, computer coffee table that has been designed..... wait for it, ........ to put your coffee on. Whether you want to show off your amazing collection of arty photography books or put your feet up while slobbing out in front of the TV, the millenium table has been designed to do all those coffee table things.

With sculpted powder-coated aluminium frame, moulded stainless steel controllers, wooden side panels and toughened 6mm glass surface, it'll stand out as a modern and glamourous statement piece in any room.

But it's a statement piece with a higher puurpose. And that purpose is to play classic arcade games from the golden age of gaming. It comes with a built-in gaming board, pre-loaded with 60 favourites including space invaders, pacman, defend, asteroids and many more.

A 19" wide angle LCD screen gives an ultra sharp view of the action from just about any angle. Three fire buttons and an eight way joy stick, mean you enjoy complete control over the on screen action. And a 2:1 sound system by Creative labs adds drama to your game play.

If you prefer we'll customise it to your specification. We can fit it with a PC, tweak the colours, materials and change the dimensions to suit your tastes and your living room. We'll even spill coffee on it for you if you like. But we'll leave you to clean it up.